Monday, August 19, 2013

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Many people live their lives struggling against the current while others use the flow like a mighty wind. The flow of the universe moves through everything. It’s in the rocks that form, get pounded into dust, and are blown away, the sprouting of a summer flower born from a seed planted in the spring, the growth cycle that every human being goes through, and the current that takes us down our life’s paths. When we move with the flow, rather than resisting it, we are riding on the universal current that allows us to flow with life. Many people live their lives struggling against this current. They try to use force or resistance to will their lives into happening the way they think it should. Others move with this flow like a sailor using the wind, trusting that the universe is taking them exactly where they need to be at all times. This flow is accessible to everyone because it moves through and around us. We are always riding this flow. It’s just a matter of whether we are willing to go with it or resist it. Tapping into the flow is often a matter of letting go of the notion that we need to be in control at all times. The flow is always taking you where you need to go. It’s just a matter of deciding whether you plan on taking the ride or dragging your feet. Learning to step into the flow can help you feel a connection to a force that is greater than you and is always there to support you. The decision to go with the flow can take courage because you are surrendering the notion that you need to do everything by yourself. Riding the flow of the universe can be effortless, exhilarating, and not like anything that you ever expected. When you are open to being in this flow, you open yourself to possibilities that exist beyond the grasp of your control. As a child, you were naturally swept by the flow. Tears of sadness falling down your face could just as quickly turn to tears of laughter. Just the tiniest wave carrying you forward off the shores of the ocean could carry you into peals of delight. Our souls feel good when we go with the flow of the universe. All we have to do is make the choice to ride its currents. Madisyn Taylor

An African tribe does the most beautiful thing. When someone does something hurtful and wrong, they take the person to the center of town, and the entire tribe comes and surrounds him. For two days they'll tell the man every good thing he has ever done. The tribe believes that every human being comes into the world as Good, each of us desiring safety, love, peace, happiness. But sometimes in the pursuit of those things people make mistakes. The community sees misdeeds as a cry for help. They band together for the sake of their fellow man to hold him up, to reconnect him with his true Nature, to remind him who he really is, until he fully remembers the truth from which he'd temporarily been disconnected:

When we begin observing and questioning our thoughts sincerely, along with the stories we tell ourselves, we see that many of them are simply not true. Our thoughts about our husbands, wives, children, colleagues, friends, enemies, and so on, for example, are often based on imagination and unseen attitudes, assumptions, and expectations in ourselves, yet they have a powerful influence on our emotions and body. We may think, for example, that we deserve more attention or respect than someone is giving us, but if we ask honestly 'Is it really true that they should do so?', we often see that it’s not true at all, and that it is our attachment to such thoughts that brings unnecessary suffering. —Dennis Lewis

Give up defining yourself - to yourself or to others. You won’t die. You will come to life. And don’t be concerned with how others define you. When they define you, they are limiting themselves, so it’s their problem. Whenever you interact with people, don’t be there primarily as a function or a role, but as the field of conscious Presence. You can only lose something that you have, but you cannot lose something that you are. -Eckhart Tolle

Forgiveness is an act of the imagination. It dares you to imagine a better future, one that is based on the blessed possibility that your hurt will not be the final word on the matter. It challenges you to give up your destructive thoughts about the situation and to believe in the possibility of a better future. It builds confidence that you can survive the pain and grow from it. —Larry James

"You don’t need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfection." ~Wilson Kanadi

Negative emotions are very addictive. They actually release endorphins into the body which provide a very pleasant sensation. Consider stubbing your toe. Endorphins are also released. The sensation as the pain fades away can be euphoric. As crazy as it sounds this is what is going on with negative emotions. People become addicted to the release of endorphins produced as the negative pain caused by the emotion fades away. They develop a need for negative emotions to get the endorphin payoff. It is exactly like being addicted to a drug. - Paradigm Shift

When we focus on a particular emotion, it is all that we will be able to see. When something in our environment triggers a fear, it is difficult to see anything else but the object which is triggering our fear. Fear is an inner warning signal which draws our attention to a danger which we would be wise to investigate a little further before we proceed forward. Sometimes the danger is real and we should either retreat, make directional adjustments or proceed forward with caution. Other times the fear may be unjustified and based on unhealthy personal beliefs inherited from hurtful experiences in our past. Once we determine what it is generating the fear, we are better equipped to make a constructive decision on how to respond to it. It takes courage to move forward in the face of fear but often the greatest rewards are only available to us when we are willing to cross into those new frontiers in the heart of that which we may fear the most. ~Troy Flourishing Life Society

Dedicate your attention and energy to purpose and functionality. Don't waste time creating the illusion of wealth and wellness. You are only fooling yourself. In this society we try to hard to fit in, to be accepted. Often, in the process we lose sight of life, becoming so concerned with form that we forget about the purpose in function. Everything can appear wonderful on the surface but what are appearances really worth when suffering is the price of trying to maintain the illusion? Drop the front and appreciate your TRUTH! -Jeremy Meta Fields

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