Tuesday, August 6, 2013

just some thoughts..... so i been thinking about UFOs alot and it reminds me of this scene from what the bleep the story sticks in my head, how he could see the ripples, but couldn't figure out what was causing them, but he kept looking he kept looking and looking until he saw them, those ships -- things that could not be identified at that time.... the words that stand out to me are "because everybody trusted and believed in him they saw them too" but what i finally realized is that how we feel makes a difference to what we actually see or understand so if we look at how people understand the world today and consider the amount of oppression that exists its no wonder its so hard why so many cannot see or understsand the ripples of energy that are created by how we feel... and if we're all made of energy, blah blah blah anyway about a year ago at Santa Fe Indian Market i bought this bracelet made by a 6 year old kid. the diamond is in the middle and it symbolizes inner strength and the arrowheads around it symbolize protection, genius, how you feel IS your inner strength and we live life practicing skills and learning lessons to protect it, beautiful.

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