Friday, March 30, 2012

another random ass story

i keep thinking about this, i don't know, its funny to me. hahaha
so a few weeks ago i'm standing there in muay thai class and
coach is like "TINA what are u doing over there?"
and i'm all like uh duh whaaaaat, looking around like a fool
then coach is like "u over there making everyone feel all akward?!"
and i wanna fall down laughing because YES thats exactly what i'm doing,
(unintentionally, of course XD)
all i can say is "sir, yes sir it's what i do best, queen of akward town here"
i'll always own that tho. i've always been crazy akward man.

sorry i'm not makin earrings

i been just hanging out with my best girl,

really though, she takes a great photograph right?
i mean whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? ugh! who gets to chill out w/ a wolf all day
and then we go hiking and get checked out by bald eagles
(they flew so close!)
hope one of these times they will bless me with a feather
(i wish!)
we're gonna go swimming again tomorrow and i'm so excited!
(its gonna be 90 degrees!)
hmmmm i'll get to the chores and earring making laterz lol shit

good ol' jams

some of my favorite good ol' jams for ya....

lol and then there's this cover: fat man on the keys he makes my day ;D

Thursday, March 22, 2012

an hour and half shout out to all nature's haters

can't some elite hackers just take down the privitized prision system and pharma corps?
lol hey it could happen....

Monday, March 5, 2012

a little bit of history

yo so my mama is from a 3rd world country so i was raised mad ghetto
and then when i was 20 i moved to the Salt River rez
so now i'm hella rezzed out.....just saying what i feel all blunt so its hard to ignore
my style is guerilla, i crave truth & honesty, and most of all
i love being different, just like trick daddy. love when he says
"u aint gotta give me no props or nominate me for shit
cause damnit i love this".... all about that man, doing it for the LOVE
if u like to lie for attention, are living in denial, or are just a full out sociopath
i'm like your worst fuckin' nightmare, on some thug shit. ah hah oh yeah

and remember