Thursday, October 30, 2014

food is fuel

energy vibrations

Feminine energy has a different wavelength to Masculine energy.......Feminine energy vibrates at a higher frequency than Masculine energy. Color is how our eyes perceive vibrating energy and so we naturally associate certain colors as being Feminine or Masculine. Pink is Feminine and Blue is Masculine.

This is why many clairvoyants and mediums are Female, because Feminine vibrations are naturally at a higher frequency, so they are able to connect and more easily interpret those higher frequencies that are out of range for the majority of Males.........this is why "The Powers That Be" are suppressing the feminine energy in the 3rd dimension of duality; to stop the connection to the higher frequencies where a greater conscious awareness can be found....

embrace it all

Monday, October 27, 2014

stand up

Dear Abusers: You may not know me, but I know you. I’ve been involved with you, and though you come in many different appearances, shapes, sizes and backgrounds, you are all more similar than you think. You feed upon the insecurities of others. You make cutting sarcastic remarks to belittle others, because you will never know the joy of elevating others or respecting them the way they deserve to be respected. You are condescending in tone, manner and attitude, because you want so desperately to believe you are the powerful one in every interaction. You are physically aggressive, emotionally depraved, sadistic, destructive and poisonous. Here’s news for you: you are powerless. You are powerless without supply. Powerless without a victim to believe in your lies. You derive your sense of superiority from another’s subjugation. Your power is dependent upon a victim’s psychological investment in your false image, not your true self. Each victim you come across, each victim you use as an emotional or physical punching bag, will eventually leave or be left by you when you realize you can no longer control him or her. The victim that stays will be the unlucky one, forever enslaved to your mind games. Even so, little by little, you will have to up the ante on the power ploys in order to maintain power and control. How exhausting it must be to try to play puppeteer to someone whose strings you have entirely manufactured; you will never have the pleasure of receiving love and affection from a pure source of willingness, but rather from a place of fear, a place of trauma, of enslavement, of necessity. Your audience or harem does not count, as no one besides your victims know the real you. Even if they have caught glimpses of who you are, they do not love who you really are. How difficult it must be to realize that you will never be truly loved, and that you will never truly love another person. You so desperately want to believe that within every relationship, you are a “catch,” more intelligent, more attractive, more desirable and more accomplished than the victim whose energy you drain every day like the emotional vampire you are. The truth is, you are none of these things. Every victim you target is inherently morally, spiritually, and intellectually superior to YOU. That is because victims of abuse do not have to abuse others to gain a sense of self-worth or importance. They already feel whole just as they are. They derive fulfillment not from harming others, but from helping others. They feel joy in showing compassion, respect and empathy for their fellow human beings. They give love without hate. They know that we are all interconnected, and that hurting another hurts themselves. They have genuine, authentic accomplishments and success that they don’t need to defend or boast about in order to feel good about. They have a conscience you can only imitate. You, on the other hand, live in a world of brokenness, of false pride and fragile egotism. You realize you are truly alone, on the inside, regardless of how much power and pull you think you have over others. Surrounded by adoring fans who know nothing about your true intentions or your malice, you start to recognize that they, too, only care about your prestige and your appearances. One day, your false image will shatter and the world will see you for who you truly are, and not who you pretend to be. One day, your victim will walk out the door. One day, you will look at yourself and realize that had you spent more time healing and loving, rather than fighting and hurting, you would be one with this world and not a destructive force within it.

Create a safe space for yourself in your mind, a place where your thoughts can come and go without judgement. When you consciously choose to break free from cycles of abuse and change the way you think in order to heal your emotional trauma, you develop emotional intelligence. Knowing what your emotions are communicating from your subconscious will help you cope better with negativity, stress and frustration. Once that becomes part of your nature you can actually be happy instead of just trying to be happy all the time. ♥

Friday, October 24, 2014

Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn in Scorpio

The Shadow Self.

This will be the last time for at least another 29 years that the sun will travel through the constellation Scorpio while Saturn is also in Scorpio. This is a very special cycle in terms of our evolution because an entire chapter is coming to a close. With this comes the final awareness of the lessons that are related to the Saturn in Scorpio transit.

For much of the last two years we have been dealing with intense dark truths about the nature of humanity. We have become completely aware of the nonsense that today’s authorities and institutions project into our perception about what is real and what is not - even to the point now where we look at the recent Ebola outbreak as a hoax.

Saturn in Scorpio has been showing us exactly what is happening in the transit of Pluto through Capricorn. It has been giving us a preview, and we certainly became aware of our own individual and collective karma. With this mutual reception we have been greatly aided in ripping down all the outdated definitions and cleaning our perception of our outer world. Along with this came the undoing of the authoritative power we give to the hierarchic structures. Essentially the veil of illusion that governments, institutions, corporations and corporate media has hidden behind has now been removed and the truth is there in plain sight, allowing us to flush out these deep dark distortions that existed within us.

We were also, during this time, becoming aware of our external security patterns and how we placed them in the hands of these authorities. We learnt the biggest spiritual lesson during this transit; total security can only be found from within. What has emerged during this time for humanity is that the year of 2014 has been one in which we have become awake to our own freedom. Our spiritual freedom. We have been learning that we are sovereign spiritual beings of this earth. We have begun recognizing our own authority.

It is time now to establish that personal, inner authority in the world. This is the key to actualizing our desires and becoming awake to them. With this knowledge we are able to make choices to move away from, and stop supporting, these outdated structures one step at a time. This will inevitably lead to their fall.

Now as the Sun, Moon and Venus enter Scorpio and also form a partial solar eclipse, we will become aware of the inner work that we have done. We will be putting the pieces of the puzzle together. This is not likely to be an easy process, and we can expect to be tested. But over time we will align ourselves with new truths and begin the next part of this epic journey, fresh and ready.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

don't be afraid, it's only Scorpio season ♏

when i was a kid i used to tell my dad how much i wanted something he always told me to 'get a job'
so at the age of 8 i became business partners with my 10 year old brother and we ran the paper route on our street.
i used to look at the stars all the time during those cold, dark, scary early morning newspaper deliveries.
being able to see the stars and recognizing constellations was really the only thing i really enjoyed about being out there

its often uncomfortable to be consciously be aware of your inner most thoughts, opinions and beliefs, for a Scorpio that is our natural state.
the ability to authentically and honestly express those thoughts, opinions and beliefs to yourself and others takes a lot of conscious practice
feeling understood through that expression though, that is what leads to the feeling of happiness.
its hard work and that is why its so important that those thoughts, opinions and beliefs originate from your soul
that way you are comfortable within your being and your soul is nourished through the vibrations of your thoughts.

for when you encounter any story, movie, news article, or other message, use the phrases below to protect yourself & others

Monday, October 20, 2014

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

our solar system is a vortex and its awesome

whoa...want to change the way you think?, watch this....

Monday, October 13, 2014

Tuesday, October 7, 2014



You don’t have to agree with, only learn to peacefully live with, other people’s freedom of choice. This includes (but is not limited to) political views, religious beliefs, dietary restrictions, matters of the heart, career paths, etc.
Our opinions and beliefs tend to change depending on time, place, and circumstance. And since we all experience life differently, there are multiple theories on what’s best, what’s moral, what’s right, and what’s wrong.
It is important to remember that other people’s perspective on reality is as valid as your own. This is why the first principle of Buddhist Boot Camp is that the opposite of what you know is also true.
No matter how certain we are of our version of the truth, we must humbly accept the possibility that someone who believes the exact opposite could also be right (according to their time, place, and circumstance). This is the key to forgiveness, patience, and understanding.
That said, tolerance does not mean accepting what is harmful. Oftentimes the lesson we are to learn is when to say “no,” the right time to walk away, and when to remove ourselves from the very cause of anguish. After all, we are the ones who create the environment we live in (so we're the ones who often cause our own suffering by making those choices, which means we're the only ones who can end it as well).
While staying with different host families around the world over the years, I noticed that people’s definitions of everyday words like “comfortable” and “clean” were often very different than my own. The opposite of what I considered true proved to be just as true for others, which was very humbling. If two people can have very different definitions of what “walking distance” means, imagine bigger words like “right,” “wrong,” “God,” and “love.” The opposite of what you know is also true —Buddhist Boot Camp

pop quiz

its not a good idea to use your real name on the internets because....

a. some people take the internet way too seriously.
b. you should be concerned about protecting your identity & the identity of your children
c. the NSA, FBI, police and trolls are on the internets & they all believe that anything you've said can & will be used against you (in a court of law)
d. all of the above

extra credit bonus question:

how do criminals typically not get caught when they commit crimes?

a. they think of many different ways to get away with crimes
b. they plan their crimes
c. they set someone else up to take the blame
d. all of the above.

after i wrote this i decided not to post it, but then i saw THIS article

An overlooked Justice Department court filing explains that a federal agent had the right to commandeer a woman's identity, set up a fake Facebook account using her details and even post provocative photographs of her found on a seized phone.

Buzzfeed reports that a Drug Enforcement Administration agent stole the identity of Sondra Arquiett, who then went by the name Sondra Prince, back in 2010. The site explains how she found out:

[A] friend asked about the pictures she was posting on her Facebook page. There she was, for anyone with an account to see — posing on the hood of a BMW, legs spread, or, in another, wearing only skimpy attire. She was surprised; she hadn't even set up a Facebook page. Indeed, the DEA agent was using the account to communicate with suspected criminals. Why Sondra? Well, admittedly, she had been arrested on suspicion of being part of a drug ring, and she was ultimately sentenced to probation. While she was awaiting trial, an agent called Timothy Sinnigen set up the fake account using photographs from her confiscated phone. It worked: he communicated with at least one wanted fugitive.

But success isn't, perhaps, the point—as Sondra well knows. The whole debacle came to light, in fact, because she has been trying to sue Sinnigen, claiming that her privacy has been violated.

Sadly for Sondra, the court ruled that, while the Facebook page has been constructed without her permission, it was "for a legitimate law enforcement purpose."

the oppressors will victimize you until you become a threat, then they will demonize you. doom doom doom.