Saturday, January 17, 2015

Monday, January 12, 2015

not me...., let me think about that...not me...
if i have to fight, i'm going to defend myself and fight for my rights
that's why i like looking like a rebel

i will always choose be a fighter.
that's why i enjoy weapons training so much.

so if the banks own the government
and the government's goal is to control the people....
they'll continue to do everything in their power to make people believe that money has value but what if we woke up tomorrow and money was worth nothing....? it's not so far fetched if you understand the system.

so when the inevitable crash happens are you going to fight to protect yourself or that corrupt backward ass backed by nothing banking system?
read this:
and besides that, we're all going to need food to survive, so food would become very valuable
and the ability to operate a firearm might mean the difference between
life and death....because the ability to hunt for food will be the only thing to prevent starvation in that type of situation....
eventually worse comes to worst and like dilated peoples said
my people come first....

finally using my go pro

it's such an awesome little camera, i love it

this one was shot on my phone:

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

somewhere in america....

i'm pissed off at myself for not saying something to the disgusting dude who i clearly saw grope a girl while making my way through a crowd at a party on new years eve. the few times that shit's happened to me, i reacted by screaming at the top of my lungs "whoever just groped me is a motherfucker!!!" but then i quickly realized all i was really doing was making myself look like i was crazy. nobody ever said anything, nobody ever tried to help. i was just left alone to be all psycho on my own.

at that party I should have calmly walked up to that disgusting asshole and simply said "i saw what you did and i think you're disgusting" then quickly walked away. all i did was give him the stank eye, which he promptly avoided & ignored. who knows how he would have reacted if i had said something, i probably would have got punched in the face or got a drink poured on me but you know what, who cares, saying the truth out loud is powerful. (as those 3 girls in the video above demonstrate) its my right to think what i want to think and say what i want to say and how i do that is what defines who i am. I would choose to be tactful and straight to the point because what I am saying does not need to be accepted or validated, just understood. if more people were able to recognize actions of those people who have no self control or boundaries and honestly say what they see without feeding into drama, i don't think as many people would go around thinking they could just get away with whatever shady shit they want to do. granted those sick fucks would just get more sneaky, but still, what kind of shit head goes around groping women in public.

(ugh i swear, the worst people to be around are those with no self control or boundaries, in real life and on the internet)

so to my sister who got groped on nye at crescent ballroom, i'm so so so sorry that happened first of all and i'm super sorry i let that opportunity to say something go.