Tuesday, November 30, 2010

if you haven't already
pls check out the homie

Sunday, November 28, 2010

UPDATED for cyber monday!

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

CF new stock

check out Culture Fresh Bouqitue Downtown PHX @ the Arizona Center

culture fresh

new world culture

New World Culture @ Fiesta Mall Mesa, AZ

got me some new MTTM & RockSmith

stocked up with that G JEWELRY holla

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

hoop of learning craft fair @mesa comm. college from 9-4pm

G Jewelry got great deals on great gifts for ur loved ones

Sunday, November 21, 2010

a really awesome weekend, so thankful for all the support.
had a great time at both events.

check the photographs:
pow wow pics
fsc anniversary pics

you know what i like, to live life like it was on t.v.

in other words we have to make it interesting for ourselves,
be your own producer, choose your own adventure.
brainstorm, plan it out, get your crew together & make it happen.
the more you put into it the more you get out of it
i'm all about getting organized, putting in the time and prep
to be able to set it off with the presentation
and then the flip side.....
don't do stuff that you wouldn't want to see yourself doing,
like acting really dumb & cheap just to get attention
or to satisfy the ego in the moment....
acting inappropriate is the easiest way to get attention,
don't be lame. there is a time and place for everything.
all that ridiculous inappropriateness IS entertaining to watch.
unfortunately most people never learn until something really messed up happens.

if you want attention, work hard, be prepared,
perform well when the time is right.
you will get attention if your presentation is on point.
and then you will get what you were really after, respect.
do people really think they look cool acting all trashy for attention?
u can't have self respect if you're always trying to please ur ego.
some people don't care i guess. just preoccupied with how they'd like to feel.
i'm just highly conscious of my conscience
i have to live right, but that's just me.
plus if others forget to act with integrity,
i forget to take anything they say or do seriously.
so yeah, that's just me.
keep moving forward, i love life. steady giving thanks.
i got high hopes for thanksgiving this year. must manifest!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

double booked

enlarge flyer


we got 2 events coming up, styles anniversary & ft. mcdowell pow wow
g jewelry stays supporting all the dancers out there doing their thing

i'm going to be running around like crazy, no idea how i'm gonna pull it off
but we got lots of homies coming to town, so i know its gonna be alright
looking forward to good times man! i been working on alot of super cute new stuff in limited quantites so if you see something u like cop that with a quickness! ;D

Saturday, November 13, 2010

dreaming for success, get more out of your subconscious brain functions

2.1.3 Rehearsal

Lucid dreaming is an extraordinarily vivid form of mental imagery, so realistic that the trick is to realize it is a mental construct. It is no surprise, therefore, that many people use lucid dreaming to rehearse for success in waking life. Examples of such applications include public speaking, difficult confrontations, artistic performance and athletic prowess. Because the activity of the brain during a dreamed activity is the same as during the real event, neuronal patterns of activation required for a skill (like a ski jump or pirouette) can be established in the dream state in preparation for performance in the waking world. See EWLD for examples.

2.1.4 Creativity and Problem Solving

The creative potential of dreams is legendary. The brain is highly active in REM sleep and unconstrained by sensory input, which together may contribute to the novel combinations of events and objects we experience as dream bizarreness. This same novelty allows thought to take on forms that are rare in waking life, manifesting as enhanced creativity, or defective thinking depending on one's point of view (As Roland Fisher put it, "One man's creativity is another's brain damage."). The claim of enhanced creativity of the dream state is supported by LI research: One study found word associations immediately after awakening from a dream to be 29% more likely to be uncommon compared to word associations later in the day (NightLight, 6.4, 1994). Another study comparing a variety of kinds of experience including daydreams, memories of actual events, and dreams, found that dreams were judged as being significantly more creative than both daydreams and memories (NL, 4.1, 1992). In any case, many lucid dreamers report using dreams for problem solving and artistic inspiration; see EWLD for a variety of examples.

2.1.5 Healing

The effects of visual imagery on the body are well-established. Just as skill practice in a dream can enhance waking performance, healing dream imagery may improve physical health. Medical patients have often used soothing and positive imagery to alleviate pain, and the dream world offers the most vivid form of imagery. Thus, some people have use lucid dreams in overcoming phobias, working with grief, decreasing social and sexual anxieties, achieving greater self-confidence and by directing the body image in the dream to facilitate physical healing. The applications, which are described in greater detail in EWLD, deserve clinical study, as they may be the greatest boon that lucid dreaming has to offer. Other potential healing applications of lucid dreaming include: practice of physical skills by stroke and spinal cord injury patients to encourage recovery of neuromuscular function, enjoyment of sexual satisfaction by people with lower body sensory loss (fully satisfying dream sex requires only mental stimulation!), more rapid recovery from injury or disease through the use of lucid dream imagery, and an increased sense of freedom for anyone who feels limited by disability or circumstance.


Lucid dreaming is a skill you can develop, like learning a new language. A few individuals may have an innate talent for achieving lucidity, yet even they can benefit from instruction and practice in making the most of their lucid dreams. Many more people experience lucidity as a rare spontaneous event, but need training to enjoy lucid dreams at will. The best predictor of success with lucid dreaming is the ability to remember dreams. This, too, is a skill you can develop. With specific techniques, you can increase the quantity and quality of your dream recall, which will in turn greatly increase your ability to have lucid dreams.


The two essentials to learning lucid dreaming are motivation and effort. Although most people report occasional spontaneous lucid dreams, they rarely occur without our intending it. Lucid dream induction techniques help focus intention and prepare a critical mind. They range from millennium-old Tibetan exercises to modern methods developed by dream researchers. Try the following techniques and feel free to use personal variants. Experiment, observe, and persevere - lucid dreaming is easier than you may think.

3.2.1 Dream Recall

The most important prerequisite for learning lucid dreaming is excellent dream recall. There are two likely reasons for this. First, when you remember your dreams well, you can become familiar with their features and patterns. This helps you to recognize them as dreams while they are still happening. Second, it is possible that with poor dream recall, you may actually have lucid dreams that you do not remember!

The procedure for improving your dream recall is fully detailed in EWLD and A Course in Lucid Dreaming in addition to many other books on dreams. A brief discussion of the methods involved is available on the Lucidity Institute web site. The core exercise is writing down everything you recall about your dreams in a dream journal immediately after waking from the dream, no matter how fragmentary your recall. Record what you recall immediately upon waking from the dream; if you wait until morning you are likely to forget most, if not all, of the dream. In A Course in Lucid Dreaming we advise that people build their dream recall to at least one dream recalled per night before proceeding with lucid dream induction techniques.

from the website http://www.lucidity.com

the grouch - dreamer 2000

Friday, November 12, 2010

my day job is really getting to me....

when it comes to working on the computer
i am like an eagle soaring above
they're scrambling around like field mice
pulling out my feathers when im not looking
in hopes that i will lose my ability to fly
but they're weak and can't get to my wings
just yanking on my tail feathers, in a feeble
attempt to make themselves feel safe.
but i'm not even looking for field mice,
i'm huntin wabbits.

ugh, glad the day is finally over. i was hella frazzled.
but i'm so glad a good memory came to mind and reminded me
i know myself. i know myself very well. that's what gives me my edge.

this story is kind of on some you had to be there type shit but
i don't think anybody reads this blog or looks at this much
except for maybe my 8 followers.....heeeey 8 follwers luv u!
(wish it had a counter, somebody school me, can i get blogger stats?)
at least i can admit, i do what i do for myself more than for anyone else.
sooo anyway, this one time master toddy was making us run up this steep ass boat thing at lake mead. its like where you go lower you boat into the water or whatever, so we are running up this thing, i remember in my head thinking something along the lines of "motherfucker" the whole entire way. Everyone is acting all cool doing their best because we're being filmed, so we do this shit like 3 or 4 times then we're like damn the man! and the next time he said GO we all laid down. hahahahah master toddy got all mad and fustrated, like act right you clowns!
haha then one girl had the bubble guts going on, so one time we ran up and she just didn't stop and kept sprinting to the bathroom, we were all rolling and the crew is just all confused like WTF except the sound guy he could hear us talking when we were all down at the bottom telling her to just freakin go the the bathroom. but that shit still looked funny as fuck like out of a movie or something. hahhahahha
thinking about that scene from my life made me really laugh & i was kind of able let all that bs from work earlier go. those suckas need to remember, we're all just human!
now i remember more about myself from that day, i was pushing myself hard and i was fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked up. it was on reality tv but they didn't really show how real it was for me because in real reality 2 days before we filmed that running up the shit scene i had my first fight, i got my guts kneed in. i was in so much pain. me and lisa were team slow that day. we go slow but we dont stop, that was our slogan. she got her invite to go fight in thailand.
i forgot all about how fucked up i was.
i just always repped for team slow from that day on. putting conscious effort into always making progress no matter how slow it goes, just keep calm and keep moving forward.
through all my muay thai training there is one thing i know about myself
with out a doubt, i always give my best. i don't know any other way. but im also just a human, far from perfect, so sometimes i need a break, i can't always beat myself to death with work in order to feel productive. we've been busting ass since july at my job man. and please, most of the time im doing at least 2 but usually 3 or 4 different things at once so not everything can be 100%. A's & B's is good enough for me. i do alot so it all cant be perfect. oh well.
i still have to try my best to remember everyday from moment to moment,
balance is the most important thing to maintain in life
to be able to sustain happiness.

now a little bone thugs to jam out to. lol
hahaha i cant help it these guys were so huge when they came out
i was in jr. high. those are good memories for me so i like 'em
plus im just really feelin this song right now, feeeeeeeeeelin it
"i been strugglin, hustlin, and thugin it forever"

come into my world & u will see that we are more than thugs
with a just a little twist of harmony bud smokin lethal warriors
these are the days of our lives

Thursday, November 11, 2010

some more pics

new stuff for styles anniversary

sneak a peek!

some of the new stuff I've been working on

Thursday, November 4, 2010

g jewelry for gauged earholes & baby heart studs

i made these plugs with a hole through it so all u lovies w/ gauged earholes can rock some g jewelry. a simple modification for ur body modificatons. something like this has to exist already right. or did i just invent something ;D

then i made some lil baby heart stud earrings, just cute!

artwork by brez