Tuesday, August 20, 2013

healing vibrations.....

i had to get a root canal the other day

my first one ever ugh.
and i'm realizing how much harder it is to heal when you're out of shape
and i think the vibrations from the drill have totally thrown me off, i wasn't ready for that
but now i can say i'm a queen because my dad is gonna make me a crown (cheezy, i know)
i want him to do some kind of cool gold inlay at first i wanted a heart or something
but now i think i want 3 triangles, so it will be like a crown on my crown (double cheezy, i kill me)
i just want something cool then i can make everyone look in my mouth, lol thats gross
but for some reason i just think its sooooooooo hilarious

anyway that got me thinking about my healing process
i went to visit an aunt a few weeks ago she said some words in a disapproving tone when she saw my tattoos
but i gave 0 fucks and just changed the subject of conversation
i just didn't feel like explaining how the tattoos are a huge part of my healing process
the pain experienced while the tattoo is being applied helped me to physically release all the emotional pain i pushed to the back of my mind. the vibrations of the needle changed my frequency because i was finally able to let go of that shit that happened in the past and then i was able to embrace change, i want to remember the signifigance so i gave myself this reminder of the beauty that can come out of the pain in life. that's the story of my life, so i put it on my back because the past is behind me but it will always be a part of who i am today. and i just think symbolism is really really cool, always has been, always will be.

hah and then if i want to be a smartass i say: my body is my temple and that's the way i choose to adorn my temple. lol. it's true too

enjoy the energy of tonight's blue moon <3

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