Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween

happy halloween....this guy over here is eyeing my treats a lil too hard!

i love halloween, to me its a day to have fun & to honor our ancestors,
i think living a good life & doing it well is the best way to do that
those that came before did not want us to suffer and be sad they're gone
life is about enjoying the expierence and remembering our personal truths
i'm sure growth was always a goal & i'm sure they'd be more happy to know
we learned from their mistakes, became stronger and made moves forward
rather than staying stagnant or becoming degenerate in the sorrow of their absence
hah and thats where the trick or treat comes in. if u lived a good life
u will have a good sense of humor and you can enjoy the holiday, but if
you've been dishonest and living in denial ur perception will naturally
take everything in wrong and you will hate if u feel offended
take it as a wonderful chance for you to check yourself before the holidays,
you might have some anger or control issues to work out do before being around family
towards the end of the year thats what people do, gravitate back to family,
when its cold out we like comfort, love & food, plus i'm tired i dunno about u but
i been grinding all summer its time for a break. rest is under-rated in america and so is paying homage to our ancestors,
seems like a logical first step to me....
death is a part of life, halloween reminds us of that
its just the unknown thats scary

dumper foo did all this awesome artwork so u can rock a halloween theme anytime

the sugar skulls on the lower right are my favorite, honor ur ancestors anyday
(available at Culture Fresh, downtown PHX AZ)

Friday, October 28, 2011

homegirls in my head

still over here nursing my broken heart.....i've been listening to these songs
over and over and then sing them in my head all day, yah i know kinda cliche,
but whatever it helps get me thru
plus i really love these videos

i looooooove seeing ciara and monica together. i LOVE them both
homegirls in my head, they're always wearing big ol dope girl earrings
& ciara with that black bikini top & black bandana shhhhh looks so dope

but this ...... THIS is my shit....u got me

i should have listened to myself before i let u in
i should have warned myself, tell me again and again
should have cautioned myself before i fell in love with u
but i just pushed myself, thats what lovers do. oooh
picking the pieces of my heart, tired of loving u in the dark
i wish i could have seen what u had planned for me
fancy clothes and fancy cars don't go that far and turn to misery
when u go don't go with ur basic instinct

and now i'm like gone

and then a constant thought, what if i....

go ahead and be just like him, go run the streets just like him
come home missing sleep like him, creep like him,
act hard with your friends when u with them like him
keep a straight face when u tell a lie....always keep an airtight alibi
(keep it hid in the dark) what he don't know wont break his heart

Sunday, October 16, 2011

hey girl hey new G Jewelry at Culture Fresh

Culture Fresh is at 3rd St & VanBuren at the Arizona Center
support the movement and do your holiday shopping
with local independent merchants like culture fresh! ok

Saturday, October 8, 2011

First Friday Oct 7 2011

had a lot of fun out at the new MissConstrued Boutique for First Friday
hope to see you next time. its next to The Lost Leaf at 912 5th Street

first stop is always for food, i been fb stalking this food truck for awhile now
finally got me some lumpias to chow down on. oh yeah

while i was enjoying my foods i was checkin out this skate comp that was about to go down

the rep for matix was putting out stickers and i was happily helping myself
hahah & im a nerd so i was like hey dude check out my PANTS lol he hooked me up

u know i'm old school i got stamps in my purse so yeah that thing mailed off

ran into the homie BREZ and got a new piece, pretty dope pretty dope

next stop JOBOT the best expressoooooooooo evar!

meanwhile....back at MissConstrued Boutique...

we were getting down with the goodies ;D stop by next month!

more pics