Monday, March 28, 2011

new world culture/g jewelry March 28 2011

New G Jewelry at New World Culure
located inside Fiesta Mall Alma School & Southern Mesa AZ
check the blog facebook & twitter

Monday, March 21, 2011

so much freshness

if u follow me on facebook then u probably seen me
posting pics & vids. out & about. picking up alot of new jewelry

broke street - made from recycled skateboards
so fresh right, such a great idea,
they also have necklaces & bracelets
check Chadwick The Jeweler on facebook

the jewelry wall at MADE downtown Phx 5th St & Roosevelt.
LOVE it, i need to build me something like that
it's about time to get reorganized - the collection is growing....

from the indian fair at the heard museum
this guy lives up the road and hella hooked up when i my garden

his name is jacob butler. such a cool dude. he does this designwork on shell

i got this one, but decided to send it to my mom in thailand

(more pics from the indian fair on facebook)

then i got all theeeeeese at the aloha festival

also got this sweet coconut shell necklace. i love how they cut it.

my favorite booth:

the Juren Ae Women's Club (check their website)
training center for highschool dropouts

they teach young women with no other skills
how to make these traditional crafts
happy to support such a good cause,
sometimes we all stumble & fall or get lost,
and just need someone to show us a different way.
keep doing what u do ladies. much respect.
(more pics from the aloha fest on facebook)

and then i went to this worldfest thing this past weekend

it was small, but ended up being really cool.
i enjoyed the weather & enterainment.
(posted a bunch of videos my facebook)
this was my favorite part:

i don't know, its just my name, but i think it's so cool!
i hung it up at work.

my other favorite booth was UFWP

they had alot alot alot of good stuff
i got this headband, scarf & 2 pair handmade earrings

happy to support that.

after that world fair i wandered down to jobot for an americano

discovered this was going on

super sweet

it was cool. i wanna go to the next one too.

(more pics from the worldfest&jobot on facebook)

stumbling upon and being fortunate enough to be able to contribute a little bit to all these things going on makes me feel good to be alive.
dispite all the recent tragedy, there are so many great things going on in this world, just gotta look in the right places. ;)
so thanks so much again to everyone out there supporting g jewelry.
i try my best to give it back. love the love. always pay it forward.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

g jewelry march 2011

First Friday was fun as always.
check the fb photo album
we got DJ Element to rock the tables for us so the vibe was extra chill

i went across the street to get pizza,
it was good to see alot more vendors out there.
i also caught this sweet street performer.

we moved down a little ways but got a bigger space maybe next month
we will get some live art going on down there.
or get some more artists to show & sell some stuff
so if you missed it come out next month, its the place to be, but come early, the cops cut the music off promptly at 10pm

we went over to check the homie Brez and Indian Ink II going on at Pravus - it was the dopeness

the art detour is going on next weekend March 19-20
so stop by Pravus @ 5th Street & Roosevelt if u like

ahhh THIS weekend March 12-13 is the AZ Aloha Festival

it keeps gettng bigger and its the best
great eats, great people, & great earrings everywhere.
they get down on the coconut shells i love it.
got some last year (lower left)

but yeah check out all that awesomeness. i want moar!
lol i went back a year on my twitpics to find that