Saturday, October 30, 2010

love this song

& the video is so dope

some new ish to bump - andre3000 i do

Thursday, October 28, 2010

testing testing

free earrings with a $5 donation

o hay TUCSON jewelry party this friday! giveaways galore & good times

the jewelry parties are always so much fun, just chillin'
w/ lots of drinks, snacks & great convos w/ awesome ladies

thx again lili, love ya!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Furious Styles Crew 17 year Anniversary Nov 16th-21st. AZ

Do you like funky scratchin'? How about graffiti art? U like bboys & bgirls? Or popers & lockers? Well check this out! G Jewelry will be vending at this annual AZ Hip Hop event. There is constant entertainment, a chance for everyone to get involved, and an all around good time for the whole family. It's a great time to expierence hip hop culture in Arizona. Furious Styles crew hosts a fun filled event every year. Hope to see you out there!

check out their website:

Culture Fresh downtown PHX fresh new stock

new g jewelry at new world culture

Sunday, October 17, 2010

good news. i got a new puter so i'm getting busy
making an etsy shop for u lovely online shoppers
i'm only going to add a few designs for online sales
so they will be sort of exclusive. check it out

save in ur faves, i'll be adding more soon!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

i love live shows

i love it when people are good at their jobs, whatever the job may be
i love those bad ass sign flippers that entertain us at stop lights
i love the cute barista at safeway that makes the perfect vente iced green teas for me practically every day
anytime anyone takes the time to do things right, i really appreciate that
i like to take time and appreciate the little things. i always notice undertones and subtle things. makes life feel more rich.

the first time i saw the coup live they put on such a good show, made a fan out of me, they were really entertaining
at the time party music had just come out....i remember it was around 9/11 they had that cover
totally foreshadowing all of that....

i still love that album....a few of my favorite tracks

"Let's make health care centers on every block. Let's give everybody homes and a garden plot. Let's give all the schools books,
ten kids a class, and give 'em truth for their pencils and pads. Retail clerk - "love ballads" where you place this song. Let's make heaven right here, just in case they wrong"

listen to this song, it's the TRUTH.....ugh love it! pam can i get a lil scratch right here....(lyrics)

Wear clean draws


'cuz things may fall

The wrong way

You'll be lying there

Waiting' for the ambulance

And your underwear

Got holes and shit

Sunday, October 10, 2010

still kind of sad....

.... i've always loved ms. lauryn hill, me & my girls went to rock the bells to see her,
because her music has touched me deeply i couldn't pass up the chance to be able to sing
along to those songs with her it would have meant to much to me....

but eh, she choose to go a different direction.....

why did she do it like that? i was mad and hurt for a long time because i couldn't enjoy that performance
i wish she could just do the songs the way we all know and love them. but she didn't.

maybe it was better that way. because the meaning this song has for me, i cry my eyes out every time i hear it

i mean i know why she wrote it, for her son, and its about her own story and we all kind of know what happened,
but for me i played the song when i had a decision of my own to make and i was definitely inspired to use my heart.
Zion is the spiritual point from which reality emerges.

and then this one....just so much raw emotion and i can totally relate. relationships are tough.

dont' worry, i still love u lauryn.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

something to jam out to

....heres my only one request, don't ever stop giving me your best....

this is for my numbaaaaaa one

Saturday, October 2, 2010

can't stop won't stop

working on more new earrings

so excited

getting my business card/stickers printed up at THINK print shop,
designed by Dumper Foo. I can't wait til they're done

october 1st first friday was poppin!

g jewelry w/ DreLynnDesigns & MeaBFly

DJ Mane One getting down, the phx crowd was lookin real live

love u ladies! thanks everyone for checkin us out!

Element dropped Jay Electronica Exhibit C

& this lil guy was killin it for the entire song

special thanks to Dj ManeOne (

Thank you so much for providing sound & droppin beats
& DJ Element ( u always got my back - luhuboo.

so excited for next month we got (11 year old) DJ Electronix coming thru!

we really enjoyed ourselves. its always so much fun to see everyone out & about w/ their families or friends just enjoying life.

always a good time. love life. love art. love phx.