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Whats your story?

Hi my name is Tina and I like to eat.

Where are you originally from and why PHX?

I grew up in Twin Falls, Idaho. I moved to the Salt River reservation after High School and loved living there for about 13 years. Since the reservation is close to the city I was able to get involved within that community as well as the PHX community through the things I am passionate about.

A few years ago I had come to a point where I had to start my life over again. Phoenix is symbolic to me, so in order to be reborn I moved into the city. I have found opportunities to grow and transform here along with the support and love needed to do so. Plus there are so many great places to EAT!

i listed my favorite spots at http://www.myfab5.com/ootsukaeliza

I feel equally passionate about food and the art of Muay Thai. I've been eating good all my life and in order to balance that out I started training Muay Thai in 2002 or 2003. A few elite athletes live and train in the area so luckily I was able to learn how to fight from some world class trainers. That led me to a most awesome opportunity to represent PHX on the Oxygen TV reality show 'Fight Girls' in 2006.

Since I got to take part in the reality show I became very interested in shooting videos and post production. Back in April I made it out to support the TRUPHX movement & made this video of the show:

I always wanted to take a picture with those PHX letters so I was stoked to be there and excited to Instagram my photo too. My job at the time inspired my edit of the photo. I was spending a lot of time doing research on space, aliens and UFO's.

If you're interested in UFO's, here are links a few of the videos I did:
http://youtu.be/TW4nhse_Se0 - Uruguay
http://youtu.be/ubGeqS9g6po - Brazil
http://youtu.be/4Llk3T9qFjk - Chile

My other passion is for arts & crafts. Back in 2005 I was injured from my Muay Thai training so to keep myself busy I started a small business collaborating with artists. I incorporate their designs onto earrings and I was able to supply a few local boutiques and many First Friday fashionistas with some affordable and fun to wear jewelry. I have a few designs by BREZ available online now

check out http://gjewelry.bigcartel.com

More information can be found at facebook.com/gjewelry

What’s the future hold for PHX?

PHX is a great place all types creative people to grow. One of the best parts of being here is that there are always people with new ideas that are out there trying different things. As we find different ways to collaborate our collective consciousness and awareness of reality will continue to evolve and transform. It's great to see more and more people start to pay attention and participate.

also check out: http://www.thelab137.com

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