Thursday, July 31, 2014

good days

" of our greatest accomplishments in life is honestly admitting our flaws. For so long I convinced myself I was not really that person who was co-dependent, angry and allowed myself to be a doormat.
But I was that person.

Accepting what was not right about me, the true causes my suffering and lack of self-love, was the wake up call I needed to make the changes necessary to make me into the person I always wanted to be.
Being honest with ourselves about ourselves is the first step to becoming who we really want to be."

We all have ego trips that create illusions which keep us from seeing who we really are and what we are capable of doing. We are blocking ourselves from infinite possibilities that are available to us. We need to discover ways to remove the blockages. The amazing thing is once you remove a blockage you instantly have access to the energy that blockage was keeping away from you and you see the blockage was a limitation of your own creation.
(the ego loves the comfort zone)

The best day of your life will be when you realize others are not causing your unhappiness or misfortune...(it's just your childish little ego wanting to feel safe)

Believing your own lies makes you feel safe, and believing the lies of other people is tempting but when you decide to take responsibility and decide you are going to the work to create healthy habits that add value to your world, amazing things start to happen. When you hear the ego's voice it usually says something is impossible or too hard and it starts to make up excuses or rationalizations, it might even resort to being judgmental, and then easily goes back to being distracted and entertained...That voice is lying and once you stop believing in lies, everything in your life changes, just like magic....

the ego can only see one way, where as love is infinite like the universe.
People who desire to finish well accept that life is not fair. It doesn't mean they like unfairness or ignore it or don't try to improve matters. It means they will do what they can to be fair, themselves, and not let what is done, stop them from giving to life. It also means they may have to live through a difficult time, without immediate resolve, that will ask something of their personal character during times of unfairness. So, instead of being angry and having internal rage, they do something with their personal power and influence, for good and better. They often learn that anger over unfair actions won't accomplish what a good and honest life will

Consider letting it go

If you're filled with resentment or frustration, you're wasting your precious time and energy. The more quickly you can let the bad stuff go, the more quickly you can move on to the good stuff.

People and events will regularly cause delays, inconveniences, expenses, disappointments and worse in your life. Don't add to the damages by letting those things keep you down.

When people have wronged you or events have sidetracked you, you have plenty of great reasons for complaints and excuses. But complaints and excuses don't provide anything of value to your life.

Although whatever has happened to you may be highly unfair, wrong and inconsiderate, consider letting it go. For your own sake, consider letting it go.

Instead of giving others the power to get you down, give yourself the power to move forward. Instead of being content to collect those complaints and excuses, enjoy the freedom and satisfaction of making life positive and fulfilling no matter what.

Make the choice to live with joy, intention and purpose rather than with anger and resentment. Free yourself from the world's negativity by choosing to look ahead, to live ahead, and to get ahead.

Ralph Marston - The Daily Motivator

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