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Humans punish themselves endlessly for not being what they believe they should be.

from the facebook page: Lightworker Activation

∞ “One of the most often asked questions is ‘Do I believe in God’. The simple answer is… I Do NOT believe in God as a being who controls, manipulates, punishes, rewards or commands its followers to change or kill those who think differently. I DO, however, embrace and love A Grand Infinite Energy, an Infinite Power, and an Infinite Consciousness. We can apply any name we wish to this Energy including God. This Infinite Consciousness Does NOT ‘Tell’ me what to do, but rather ALLOWS me to have ANY experience that an Infinite Consciousness may conceive. And, as *I AM* that Infinite Consciousness, All of Creation SEES Me as Itself. And I SEE myself as All of Creation. Too deep? Too complicated? Too simple? Does this make you smile? Does this make you angry? You may experience it any way you choose. And that’s what it’s all about. Infinite Love and Respect to All.” ∞
© Eric Allen author

Imagine using a new language that prevents you from blaming others, being reactive, manipulating, fearing anything in the outside world, needing social approval, being offended by others, and being controlled or controlling others.

Imagine that these problems were simply eliminated from your life because your new language makes them impossible. Welcome to Perceptual Language.

Perceptual Language represents a major development in psychology, perhaps the greatest breakthrough since the days of Freud.

When you learn Perceptual Language, you engage your tongue and your brain toward a new level of enlightenment. Here is a brief overview of how it works.

Principle #1: There is no out there out there.

Perceptual Language honors the principle that we don’t respond to “the world out there.” We respond to our perception of the world. Perception is formed by beliefs, cultural norms, religious affiliation, genetic factors, life experience, sense of right and wrong, and so much more.

All of these factors combine to filter the information that passes through our senses, allowing us to figure out what things mean. In other words, we don’t ever directly experience anything outside of ourselves. We only experience ourselves.

When I listen to someone talk, I am actually hearing my perception of their words, gestures and so forth. I am making meaning out of what they communicates based on that. This may or not match the meaning intended to convey.

If I am offended, it is important to understand that I am actually offended by what I did with her words based on how I made meaning out of them. In essence, I am offended by my perception. Not by her, the real person. I can never experience her, the real person, directly.

In essence, I am offended by this person that I have made a part of me by the way I perceive her. In the end, I am offended by none other than myself.

In short, it is not what people do to me that causes problems for me, but what I do with people to cause myself problems.

I do not experience others the way they experiences themselves. They are not acting on me. I am acting on myself with my perception. When I respond, I am really responding to my perception. I am responding to me.

There are huge benefits to understanding and communicating with this in mind. When I really get this principle, a whole new world in me opens up. Suddenly, I don’t take things personally.

I do not get offended very easily. I can listen to criticism with an open mind. I don’t take myself so seriously or believe others have power over me.

Principle #2: I am an active process.

I act as opposed to being acted upon. I am my own agent. It is true that something may well act upon me. A tree may fall on me. A car may hit me. Another person may shove me.

Psychologically, however, I consider it more important how I respond to these events—what meaning I make of them—and I do this actively.

People so often portray themselves as passive or as victims in their use of language.

“She made me feel so angry.”

“My father makes me feel helpless.”

“I am troubled by my past.”

In reality (in me) I am the one doing the acting. I actively create my own experience. With Perceptual Language I express myself differently:

“I anger myself with her.”

“I make myself feel helpless when I am with my father.”

“I trouble myself with my past.”

This way of putting words together suggests that I am an active participant in my own experience. I am doing to myself as opposed to having things done to me.

There is a world of difference between “I trouble myself with my past” and “I am troubled by my past.”

If I am troubled by my past, then I see my past as something fixed that is acting upon me. In this view, I might have my past being something back there that actually has power over me. So many of us think, speak, feel, and act as if this were actually true.

In the moment I shift myself to “I trouble myself with my past,” I transform my experience. In this view, I am doing something to myself. I am the agent. Nothing other than myself is acting upon me.

Moreover, I am acting on my past-in-me. In other words I am troubling myself with how I am creating my past. This is a significant distinction.

If I am the one who is taking action, I can stop taking this action. Or, I can act differently. A new world of possibility opens up when I get this concept.

I open a new world of possibility in me. I empower myself, no longer believing that I am a victim of outward circumstance when I “verb” myself in this way.

I am not motivated. I motivate myself. I am not excited. I excite myself. I am not sad. I sadden myself. I am not depressed. I depress myself.

I don’t give power to other people or circumstances or life to do anything to me psychologically. I do everything to myself. What do I want to do to myself?

Principle #3: Everything that is happening is happening right now.

When we use Perceptual Language, we speak in the present tense. Most of us believe that there is a past, a present, and a future. I believe that there is only now.

I can only experience myself right now. While I am contemplating the past, I am doing so now, perceiving the past within me at this moment. My future is similar to my past in that when I think about the future I am creating it right now.

When I speak of the past, I can acknowledge in my language that the thoughts or feelings I’m having about my past are happening now. When I speak myself I want to connect myself with my experience in this moment.

“Tomorrow is going to be a scary day.”

This becomes:

“I scare myself with my thoughts about tomorrow.”

“I enjoyed fishing with my dad when was a child.”

This becomes:

”I enjoy myself now with thoughts of fishing with my dad when I was a child.”

There may be endless combinations of words to illustrate how to reflect the here and now in our language. When I speak, I want to remind myself continually that I am doing to myself, right here, right now.

The past that I thought was behind me becomes another aspect of how I experience myself now. The future waiting for me in the great beyond is now within my reach.

So, the world I interact with is within me. I actively create it, right now. Perceptual Language makes these healing concepts a reality.

Realize when you think others are judging you, actually you are only using your own perception of them to judge yourself.
Also realize that what they say is just their perception of me, not me.

I not only got the philosophy that I create my own world, but I had the actual experience, along with others. When these principles are infused with every sentence that comes out of your mouth, it becomes your reality before long.

After seven days of Perceptual Language, I couldn’t get myself back to the old way of seeing the world. It was as if a lifetime of being acted upon, blaming, and resisting just imploded before me. What was left? Just me doing me.

The radical sense of personal responsibility—and radical new freedom—will always remain with me.

Language forms the foundation of our perception. When you change the structure of your language, you change the structure of your world.

from: ________________________________________ confession:
i've wasted sooooo much time being worried about a few people who i used to love a lot but now i cannot get along with to save my life.
after years of rehashing all the things that happened i finally came to the conclusion that these people who i cannot get along with must percieve everything through their ego, because drama seemed to ensue anytime they felt
(1) A hurt ego.
(2) Me not feeding their ego.
(3) Me not serving their ego as quickly or easily as someone else.

I spent a lot of my time confused because the only consistent thing in these relationships was their inconsistency and their constant abandon of any consideration for the well being of anyone else.
why did i allow that in my life? over and over again. i kept thinking things would eventually change....

but nothing changed, i was stuck in an abusive/codependent cycle with these people. most interactions would degrade to a tooth and nail fight of them trying to convince me that i was worst person on the face of the planet because of all the mean, cold-hearted things i did.....but in reality I know all they were doing was projecting their perception of themselves onto me. doing and saying what ever they could think of to 'punish' me for not living up to their ego's expectations. there was no way i was going to accept that, what i did was ignore their egos and tell my truth. they choose not to respect or accept me or my point of view. so was never any resolution. I exhausted myself doing everything I could think of to try to communicate and understand until it became unhealthy, I could feel myself dying. I spent so much time not eating or sleeping, just caught up examining my own mistakes, delusions, and faults and and trying to remove them completely so I could see the situation clearly.

so those worthless, toxic, draining relationships, i let them go, i quit wasting my life and my love....whats the point when someone is a slave to their own ego, i cannot change their perception.
i don't know if things will be different in the future, but i think the best thing i could do is let it all go, enjoy my freedom and keep moving on.

"There is an electromagnetic interaction going on between you and the surrounding energy field all the time, but you simply don’t realize that this is actually a language that you are speaking because you’ve forgotten what the language is, and you don’t have the higher senses active that are required to perceive and comprehend this language. One of the biggest obstacles to you ever accessing these higher senses, and ever understanding this language, is fear. It is the vibration that fear sets up within your body / system / energy field. This is why our entire society, and everything about it, is all based on fear. It is fear-based mind control. They control your mind so that you don’t perceive anything outside of a left-brain reality; the five-sense perception that you have of reality.

When you have this understanding, and you finally comprehend what reality is and how it works, then fear just falls away from you. You begin to see that there really is nothing to fear, and that the only real problem is the vibration of fear itself – that is the problem. I see people in fear about the world that is being created, but really it’s just the propagation of fear. The terrible world that they are so in fear of is only being created because of their failure to face that fear. That fear is the same fear that is in themselves, and that serves to keep them separate from the people around them. You have to break down the fear, and let go of the fear.

To move forward from this point you have to let go of everything that you perceived to be reality, let go of everything that you perceived to be important to you. Of course your family and friends are important to you, but objects and ‘stuff’ that we collect really don’t mean anything, they don’t make us who we are. What makes us who we are is what energy lies within our hearts.

You have to let go of what you believed, what you cared about, what you perceived about yourself and how you perceived others. Let go of everything that has happened in your life up to this point, simply focus on the Now, and the future that we could create if we were to do this. Just let go of all of that stuff that you’ve being carrying around for years. Realize that all of it is a product of this system. All of it is a product of the perception we have been taught to have of what reality is. Let go of judgement, revenge, and all the animosity you feel towards everybody. All of these things are simply mirrors; they are opportunities to address certain emotions that may be raised within yourself. All of these negative emotions are things that you need to experience because all of them are opportunities for healing and change.

If something is making you feel bad, you need to change that. The only way you can change that bad feeling is by embracing it and feeling it; understanding why you feel that feeling – making that feeling one with yourself, and thereby neutralizing it so you can move on to address the next mirror and the next negative emotion that you have. All of these emotions are fear-based, and mostly it’s a fear of looking within and facing that which we see within ourselves.

Any bad feelings you have about anybody else – that’s not them, that’s you, because you are the one creating that feeling. You can feel your body change, your heartbeat raise. Your body chemistry literally changes and you start feeling strange when you’re having these negative feelings around people. This shows that a physical effect is actually caused within your body and it’s not a healthy effect. It’s what makes you sick, and creates illness in your body. That’s what these negative feelings and emotions do, and they only affect you – they don’t affect other people – and they’re all fear-based. You have got to let go of all of this.

Once we can let go of all of these feelings and animosity, and realize that everybody who ever wronged us only did so because of what they had perceived reality to be up to that point, then it’s easy to forgive them. It is easy to forgive anything that anybody has done because now we have an opportunity to welcome them home, to bring the whole human race back to where it should be. This is happening right now, and it is how consciousness will evolve; but people have to choose to do it, to participate, and when they do true enlightenment will happen. That’s how we can change the direction of mankind and all life on this planet. We are currently heading for complete destruction in order to support an economic system which isn’t real. It’s just numbers on a screen, pieces of paper, words and figures that people make up. It has nothing to do with reality, the world or the human race and it doesn’t benefit anybody. "
(excerpt from a previous post)

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