Friday, April 13, 2012

its a good time to start new habits

Take time to breathe and breathe deeply.
Drink lots of pure clean water
Smile whenever you are on the phone. It will lift both your spirits and those of the person on the other end of the line.
Stretch with intention. Whenever you catch yourself feeling tight or stiff, take a few minutes to focus on the area of your body talking to you and stretch in anyway that feels yummy.
Pick flowers or greenery to adorn your home from your own yard, from a friend’s who might love to share, or perhaps from a nearby woods or park.
Curl up in a comfy chair and read something wonderful.
Take some quiet time during the day just for you.
Put on your favorite music and open up your ears and heart.
Go for a stroll, a jog, or a run.
Clean out a closet or a drawer. It feels great!
Get complete about one thing you have left undone and that is tugging at your attention.
Call up a friend to join you on a walk.
Slip into a bubble bath and stay there as long as you like
Speak with complete honesty.
Engage in learning something fun and new.
Tell someone just how much they mean to you.
Create a special room or corner in your home as a “getaway spot” – your self-care sanctuary.
Make a “Do not disturb” sign for your door to hang up when you want time just for you.
Make a Self-Care Calendar and mark out times just for you.
Write a “Let it go” letter about something it is time to let go of.
Explore ways to really relax and become a master of relaxation.
Write a list of 50 things that make you smile and post it where you can see it daily.
Create a self-care network that supports you as you learn how to take better care of you. It could be a friend that becomes a “self-care buddy”, family members that understand your commitment to self-care, a support group, a book club, etc.
Sit outdoors and tune into the natural world around you.
Make a date with a star-filled sky. By yourself or with others spend an evening star gazing.
Update your wardrobe by taking the first step - clear out any and all clothes that no longer work for you and pass them along.
Turn off the TV for a whole week.
Stop doing one thing that you know is not in your best self interest. Perhaps it is taking that second helping of food, talking about others behind their backs, complaining to no end, pushing too hard to reach a goal, etc.
Upgrade your language by catching your disempowering words. Choose one word or phrase (Ex: “I should”) and notice it every time you say it. Write it down. Build awareness around the words that lift your spirits and the ones that drag you down.
Smile at yourself in the mirror and extend an “I love you.”
Plan your next vacation.
A gratitude a day keeps the doctor away. Come up with one thing you can do each and everyday to practice gratitude
Lighten up by being willing to laugh at yourself more often.
Exercise several times a week in a way that gets your heart pumping, your blood flowing, and fills up your tank with renewed energy.
Straight talking. Start getting really good at saying yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no.
Go on a picnic. Simple fare and a simple setting can turn an ordinary meal into a memory moment.
Invite your creativity out to play – draw, paint, dance, sing, write, weave, stitch, whittle …
Be willing to receive. We are so often masters at giving and yet find it hard to ask for help and to receive.
Ramp up your self-care awareness by making a list of all the things that get in the way of you taking great care of you.
Tend to your body with loving care. What ways can you take better care of your body? Start with the simple things like flossing your teeth, taking time to use a lotion you love, getting to know your body and the messages it is sending you.
Nurture your nose with simple aromatherapy … pluck some rosemary, bake something wonderful and tune into the wonderful smells filling your kitchen.
Develop a meditation practice.
Take steps to ensure you are getting good sleep.
Look for sources of inspiration like a beautiful sunset, talking with someone you admire, or reading poetry.
Practice forgiveness, both forgiveness towards yourself and others.
Clean out your kitchen pantry to make room for lots of whole, healthy foods.
Laugh out loud at every chance you get.
Do something out of your ordinary routine to keep things fresh.
Eat whole, healthy foods and choose them wisely one bite at a time.
Embrace the understanding that practicing fabulous self-care is a lifetime journey and one that rewards you every step of the way!

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