Thursday, April 12, 2012

hike AZ

i don't know i'm ALL obsessed with hiking & camping now
i guess just because all i been doing is watching out of the wild

whatever mother nature is calling my soul
i'm following an overwhelming urge be connected
going with it. slowly collecting gear....
i think the accessories is the reason why i love it
and it makes me feel secure knowing i've got survival skills
collectng credentials & stacking my skillset has always been a super hobby of mine.
psh damn over-acheiver. i know. its the asian in me, can't stop the hustle.

So here is my list of awesome areas in AZ i want to hike/camp/conquer:

-all 4 vortex sites in Sedona, AZ

(this guys blog: has got me MAD inspired)

-Lake Havaupai falls at the Grand Canyon, AZ

-4 Peaks wilderness area

(holy crap check out, i'm so into this
i got to stack a few more skills & become a guide, wtf dreamjob!)

-Hopi Village ruins (have to find a guide for this one tho)

also close by there are a few other spots i want to check
-Mount Zion National Park in Utah

-Chacho Canyon Ruins in New Mexico

then my international destinations are
-Machu Picchu, Peru

i first seen this pic when i was in 4th grade and i knew i had to go there

-the great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

all these places are sacred. they provide connections w/ the universe and everything else. i'm literally dying to know what our ancestors knew they were so much more observant w/ nature. all i want to do with my existance is go back and remember. i have the empathic skills to absorb the energy i know it just getting my physical body to these places is hard, not impossible just hard there are so many distractions and it would be so much more fun & easy with a partner. but if this is my journey to embark upon alone i'm also very happy for that.
and so the list will never end....the journey will continue....
look at this website there are SO many amazing and awesome spots nearby
they call it the "grand circle" and for good reason.....damn nature is awesome

damn, now i'm all obsessed about becoming a FatPack guide
sweet new goal to work towards, here are the requirements:
[and my commentary]

•Current Wilderness First Responder or Wilderness EMT Certification (SOLO, WMA, WMI, NOLS)
[hah ok how many hours will this take? whatever i can do it wildnerness first responder sounds cool as fuck anyway)
•Current CPR / Basic Life Support Certification [damn i expired last year on this, good thing it only takes a day of training to renew]
•Versed in Leave No Trace principles, preferably certified as LNT Trainer or Master Educator [isnt this just common sense? i just call it ninja vanish]
•Thorough knowledge of backpacking equipment [working on it!]
•At least 100 "bag nights" of backpacking / camping experience. [holy crap 100 nights? this is gonna take me awhile i would have to camp out every weekend all year shit]
•Experience leading groups in an outdoor setting (preferably, but not necessarily backpacking). Leading NOLS, Ropes, Sea Kayaking, or summer camp is OK, but leading a project development team in releasing an operating system isn't.
[shoot my muay thai teaching expierence applies here right, i mean teaching kids isnt easy man, and teaching kids self control while keeping it fun talk about challenging!]
•Can backpack a minimum of 15 miles per day carrying 60 pounds [no problemo! hahah fuck i gotta practice carrying 60 pounds]
•Map & Compass Skills [working on it, need to buy a better compass]
•GPS Skills [computer stuffs is easy man]
•Valid driver's license [got that!]
•An ability to relate to a wide variety of individuals [done]
•Patience. Know how to listen. [aw shiz i'm hella good at thaaaaat]
•Certified Food Handler [damn i expired like 5 years ago but this is easy to renew also]
•Excellent Cooking Skills [hellz yeah man]
•Versed in nutrition and weight loss [oh HELL yeah man]
•Difficult to upset [lolololololol mf'ers EVERYTHING is funny]
•MacGyver-like improvisational Skills [fuck yeah]
•Great sense of humor [aren't you laughing at me now?]
•Good Videographer / Photographer [ooooooh shit have u seen my facebook page?]
•Firebuilding Skills [hell yeah been working on that]
•Knows some campfire activities [i can tell stories like a mofo]
•Good Phone Skills [yes i still LOVE talking on the phone]
•Enthusiasm [LOVE life]

they should so hire me ugh!


  1. The Lake Havaupai falls sounds interesting. I looked it up once, but maybe I should get more fit before I try it haha
    And of course that photo of Mt Zion National park... has officially made me decide I HAVE to go there.
    And Macchu Picchu... oh man... that would be a trip of a lifetime!!
    Good luck and I know you can conquer all this list. (:

  2. thanks! glad you're going to get out there and explore planet earth too ;D

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