Sunday, January 2, 2011

back to business

g jewelry has been on vacation.
what have i been doing?
well i fully enjoyed the holidays,
did my fair share of eating shopping and partying,
got the fam together, the ususal holiday digs
my mother brought a bunch of old photos for everyone so i scanned mine
they are so great i wanted to share with everyone, then i started going thru
more and more old photos, had the scanner hooked up so i scanned hella photos.
its been a hell of a great decade so i wanted to share. i love to share.
check out all these old pics
lurk my facebook, i've been having fun.
super grateful to be so blessed. i LOVE life.

today i'm back at it, finishing up that batch of earrings i posted pics of before
we always got to have some beats going. jam on this:
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