Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2 of my faves

hah check out this video of mannie fresh & mystikal
mystikal has to be one of my all time favorite rappers
& mannie fresh one of my all time favorite producers
sometimes i just got to get real ghetto with my beats.

mystikal has been one of my favorite rappers for a long time,
too bad he went to jail. i hope it didn't mess up his mind too much.
just the way he spits his lines and the stuff he says.
hahaha i love everything about it, so hi-lar-ious.
and he got mad skill, nobody can rap like that. try to rap along, its hard!
even when u got all the words memorized. its still hard!
try it, everybody knows most of the words to this song

lol at the creepy lil mustache on pharell. ew.

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