Sunday, January 16, 2011

g jewelry x golden touch

the homie SERV.1 hooked me up with a sweet tattoo a few years ago

that was a pretty big tat for my first one, but it was an awesome expierence. i wanted a back piece for as long as i can remember. i just never could decide on what exactly i wanted to do. my wonderful, wise & beautiful friend wendy lee[] reminded me things like culture & tradition never go out style. so i did research the tattoos thai monks were doing. finally i decided to do it, i remember it was on easter, so i took the plunge in the spirit of being reborn. i was at a time in my life where i just had alot of pain that i needed to let go of and that was just the thing to do it.

so from the bottom of my heart with gratitude, i will always be thankful to u ernie.

finished tattoo

tina Myspace Video

Ernie Serv One Rojas @ Golden Touch Tattoo
14848 N Cave Creek Rd # 11 Phoenix, AZ 85032-4954 - (602) 996-9988
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