Sunday, October 10, 2010

still kind of sad....

.... i've always loved ms. lauryn hill, me & my girls went to rock the bells to see her,
because her music has touched me deeply i couldn't pass up the chance to be able to sing
along to those songs with her it would have meant to much to me....

but eh, she choose to go a different direction.....

why did she do it like that? i was mad and hurt for a long time because i couldn't enjoy that performance
i wish she could just do the songs the way we all know and love them. but she didn't.

maybe it was better that way. because the meaning this song has for me, i cry my eyes out every time i hear it

i mean i know why she wrote it, for her son, and its about her own story and we all kind of know what happened,
but for me i played the song when i had a decision of my own to make and i was definitely inspired to use my heart.
Zion is the spiritual point from which reality emerges.

and then this one....just so much raw emotion and i can totally relate. relationships are tough.

dont' worry, i still love u lauryn.

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