Saturday, October 2, 2010

october 1st first friday was poppin!

g jewelry w/ DreLynnDesigns & MeaBFly

DJ Mane One getting down, the phx crowd was lookin real live

love u ladies! thanks everyone for checkin us out!

Element dropped Jay Electronica Exhibit C

& this lil guy was killin it for the entire song

special thanks to Dj ManeOne (

Thank you so much for providing sound & droppin beats
& DJ Element ( u always got my back - luhuboo.

so excited for next month we got (11 year old) DJ Electronix coming thru!

we really enjoyed ourselves. its always so much fun to see everyone out & about w/ their families or friends just enjoying life.

always a good time. love life. love art. love phx.


  1. sorry i miss yah this time around! I love my earrings! Need to buy another pair from you!

  2. yeah come out next month the weather keeps getting nicer!