Saturday, October 16, 2010

i love live shows

i love it when people are good at their jobs, whatever the job may be
i love those bad ass sign flippers that entertain us at stop lights
i love the cute barista at safeway that makes the perfect vente iced green teas for me practically every day
anytime anyone takes the time to do things right, i really appreciate that
i like to take time and appreciate the little things. i always notice undertones and subtle things. makes life feel more rich.

the first time i saw the coup live they put on such a good show, made a fan out of me, they were really entertaining
at the time party music had just come out....i remember it was around 9/11 they had that cover
totally foreshadowing all of that....

i still love that album....a few of my favorite tracks

"Let's make health care centers on every block. Let's give everybody homes and a garden plot. Let's give all the schools books,
ten kids a class, and give 'em truth for their pencils and pads. Retail clerk - "love ballads" where you place this song. Let's make heaven right here, just in case they wrong"

listen to this song, it's the TRUTH.....ugh love it! pam can i get a lil scratch right here....(lyrics)

Wear clean draws


'cuz things may fall

The wrong way

You'll be lying there

Waiting' for the ambulance

And your underwear

Got holes and shit

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