Monday, December 16, 2013

Magic words ♥

The transitional moments of stillness in our lives can be restless, they can trigger unnecessary anxiety, which is detrimental to our overall health. We need to pay attention to our thoughts and which direction their physical manifestation is leading us. It is crucial to have total awareness of one self at all times.The instant we realize that the process of any negative thinking is taking place, it is important to guide it into a positive direction. There are several ways to do so. One must find an outlet. Whether its painting, writing poetry, running, going for a walk, exercising of any kind, any form of activity will allow an inflow of fresh air into our troubled brain.
Another, an even easier way to clear up the mind is to just simply start expressing our gratitude. Even in the most desperate and hopeless moments of our lives there's is always something to be grateful for. Express your gratitude for everything that surrounds you, no matter how silly it may seem to do so. Everything from park benches to trees, cars and buses, stores, a cup of coffee in your hand, a table and a chair that we are able to use every day, and the persons that manufactured it, say" thank you" for all of your family, and close friends, naming them individually, for the sun that comes up each and every day to warm the planet, for the plants that sprout to feed us because of it, for the fresh air and water that we still have to make our survival possible. And if you are still struggling to find something to be grateful for, just simply repeat words "Thank You". Make a song out of it if you have to, the words have been labeled "magic" for a reason. It is a very simple, and highly effective concept. Continue to vocalize it until you feel better, however long it takes. Let it be the first thing you say when you wake up, chant it at breakfast lunch and dinner, in the shower and in the car, at each and every traffic light, at work, and as you fall asleep at the end of your day. Make it your mantra! In the midst of the deepest blues those "magic" words will help you brake free. They will allow you to gain your independence from the destructive forces of negativity in all its forms. The practice of being grateful will lift the heaviness and make you receptive to the LOVE that is all around us. It will help you breathe deeper, which will in turn nourish every cell in your body with rejuvenating oxygen and slowly, or in some cases very rapidly will restore the balance that was lost due to the stress that we find our selves under.
Any physical or mental strain translates into stress, if we are alive we are stressing. Stress within it self can be good for us or bad. It's all a matter of how we choose to perceive it. If we are stressing our bodies and minds in hopes to achieve a specific goal, to learn something, or solve a problem, to get our selves in better physical shape, that would be an example of beneficial stress, but if we worry and beat our selves up senselessly about things that we have no control over, such as being stuck in traffic, your bosses crankiness, or your partners need for space(which often makes us feel insecure and rejected), are all perfect examples of bad stress. For as long as we are alive , as long as we are breathing, it will always be there. Everything within us is under constant stress . Our heart is beating, our cells are producing life giving energy, our brains are transmitting electrical impulses with each thought, everything is hard at work for the team "HUMAN BODY". Then why can't we join this team and work just as hard toward total unity with our own selves? Everything and anything that you can think of is there for us to appreciate and learn from. So start putting more energy into restoring your body's homeostasis. Stop fighting the flow of life, bloom where you're planted, strengthen your character, be grateful in all, and as a very dear friend of mine often says ; " always see the beauty!" all my love. Olga Melkumova for FLS (Forever Onward)

How To Raise Your Vibration
Many of us are struggling with family relationships right now as not everyone has chosen to raise their vibration. When we all chose to incarnate on this planet we all chose, in the beginning, that we wanted to be here for this opportunity to evolve and expand in consciousness with the planet. However, once we incarnated....many of us used our free will to not ascend. Some people, and their higher selves, decided they needed more time to learn and evolve in duality/conflict/fear/ego based experiences. Now this creates a problem for the other half of us who have chosen to ascend in consciousness and raise the vibrations of our energy fields because we no longer are a vibrational match to our incarnated family members who are choosing not to ascend. And our energy fields are clashing and repelling... as like energy attracts like energies and opposite energies repel each other.
An ascending humans energy field vibrates much faster and tends to pull the other persons energy field up into a higher vibration, simply by being in our presence, and this will throw others who are choosing not to ascend in ATTACK mode because when their vibration begins to rise they run into they are not wanting to step into their truth and accept responsibility for their lives. They want to remain in a 3D blinded state of consciousness of forgetfulness, and this is perfectly fine for them. Unfortunately, this creates great pain for an ascending soul because we still want to interact with our family and we also want to help them ascend in vibration as well. But it is not our place......and just our very presence can create so much conflict and confusion in their being the relationship can become a huge burden on all parties involved. This really becomes our lesson in detachment and also learning how to respond to others without reacting.
Because we have a higher vibration and a higher state of consciousness, more is expected of us. We will need to remain focused on our ascension path and release the need to save others, because truly they are exactly where they are choosing to be. They don't want us to raise their vibration, but we need to be there for our SELF and choose to spend time in relationships that are on a more resonant vibrational level otherwise we will constantly find ourselves in chaos and duality over and over again. This is hard because we as souls have never ascended in consciousness, at such an accelerated rate, with half of the planet saying YES and the other half saying NO. In order to speed up your dark night of the soul, you will need to grasp the lessons. Keep your focus on you; your ego will keep distracting you by getting you to think about them and what they did wrong and what they need to learn etc... What have you learned from this latest altercation? What can you improve on? What do you need to release? What do you need to accept about your self?
Love your self and honor your imperfections as you rapidly learn and evolve through intense learning experiences that will help you make better, more life affirming choices for your souls ascension! Let things go that do not serve a love, joy, peace, unity vibration. When you view all of this from a higher perspective you an see how actually PERFECT half of us ascending and the other half not ascending is for an ascending souls lessons in mastery. We are learning so much through the behaviors, rejections, demands and fears of our unascending brothers and sisters. We are learning what we no longer want to experience anymore through our interactions together. However,
YOU will need to trust your self and the decisions you make for your highest and best good. Stop feeling guilty or responsible for everyone else and their well being and also stop expecting all of your relationships to be in perfect harmony at this time of great transition. Do what is right/light filled for YOU.....after all who are YOU living for? This is your souls what enhances your light not depletes it....and be ok with your decisions. In addition, always know that if a relationship is meant to will be. We are never separated from anyone, as we are all one and energetically connected at all times. Sometimes setting a boundary with someone and also giving each other a little space generates the healing energy each person needs to return to the relationship in a more evolved manner. In the mean time know that it is your love, compassion and acceptance that you it to your self.

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