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I've been searching for a new necklace, found this pendant among my craft supplies, not sure where it came from, but I am pretty sure I'm supposed to have it. I love the symbolism.

Triskelions: Ancient and Modern
The triskelion or” triskele” is also known as the tri-spiral or “Spiral of Life.” The three spirals in the triskelion are interconnected with no open ends thus creating one continuous line. Each spiral turns in the same direction. The three spirals represent balance, harmony and continual motion indicative of the flow of life and of the Earth in her seasons and cycles.

This symbol is found on many ancient carvings, the most famous of which is Newgrange in County Meath, Ireland, which dates back to 2500 BC. The symbol is carved into the rock at the main entrance. It is one of the most famous stones in Megalithic art. The same symbol is found Triskelion Newgange roofengraved on one of the stones inside the chamber. Newgrange is best known for the illumination of its chamber by the Winter Solstice sun. Morning sunlight travels up the passageway. Then, as the sun rises, the whole chamber is dramatically illuminated.

The triskelion is often thought to have Celtic origin, but it was carved at least 2000 years before the Celts inhabited Ireland. According to Celtic tradition the triskelion is connected to the mother goddess. It is an invocation of the three material domains of earth, air, and water.

The gold quimbaya is another example of the use of the triple spiral– from Columbia.

As receivers and transmitters, triskelions made of certain metals gather and disseminate the frequencies at which they resonate. The triskelion has an amazing ability to neutralize harmful energy, balancing Yin and Yang, (positive and negative; masculine and femine) in almost any setting.

Triskelions set up a bioelectric and biomagnetic energy flow based on mathematics and sacred geometry. Placed in or around water, they create energetic vortices that bring molecular structure to water.

Since the writing of the book, as the authors have experimented with different ways of making triskelions, they have discovered both a masculine and a feminine form of the triskelion. The basic masculine form is made using a single copper wire or tube. The feminine version is made by twisting 3 smaller copper wires together before forming the spirals. For maximum benefit, use triskelions in pairs—one masculine and one feminine. Place one at the base of your water container; place the other at the top of your container on the opposite side. Copper tubing (1/8 or ¼ inch) filled with paramagnetic rock powder makes a powerful triskelion that can be placed underneath your water pitcher.

In our most recent work with triskelions, we have incorporated gold and silver. This takes the masculine and feminine energies to a higher octave. Triskelions made with gold and silver-plated copper wire bring in the resonance of the divine masculine and the divine feminine—an influence that has been lacking on the Earth for hundreds of years. Using a pair of gold/silver triskelions with your water helps to re-balance the masculine/feminine in your personal life and in your surroundings. And when you achieve greater balance, others usually follow.

According to Brenda Schnose, the spirit of water was anciently referred to as “Heddeka,” and represented by the triple spiral. According to Brenda:

As a whole, the three swirls together represent Heddeka. When you look at them together but separate, one circle represents You as creator, one circle represents the beloved Earth and one circle represents the Central Sun of all universes. This symbol comes from the time of Atlantis. The water element Heddeka has been upon this earth from the time of the first humans. Through this symbol, the water will increase in vibration. So it is helpful and beneficial for humans, animals, plants, and the earth itself. . . . . Carry the symbol with you next to your body. Place the symbol in or under your water glass. By coming together with this water element you can help clean the water of our beloved earth. Heddeka is here to be of service to you in these changing times. This element has been forgotten through time but is now returning through the bearers of light.

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