Monday, March 5, 2012

a little bit of history

yo so my mama is from a 3rd world country so i was raised mad ghetto
and then when i was 20 i moved to the Salt River rez
so now i'm hella rezzed out.....just saying what i feel all blunt so its hard to ignore
my style is guerilla, i crave truth & honesty, and most of all
i love being different, just like trick daddy. love when he says
"u aint gotta give me no props or nominate me for shit
cause damnit i love this".... all about that man, doing it for the LOVE
if u like to lie for attention, are living in denial, or are just a full out sociopath
i'm like your worst fuckin' nightmare, on some thug shit. ah hah oh yeah

and remember

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