Friday, October 28, 2011

homegirls in my head

still over here nursing my broken heart.....i've been listening to these songs
over and over and then sing them in my head all day, yah i know kinda cliche,
but whatever it helps get me thru
plus i really love these videos

i looooooove seeing ciara and monica together. i LOVE them both
homegirls in my head, they're always wearing big ol dope girl earrings
& ciara with that black bikini top & black bandana shhhhh looks so dope

but this ...... THIS is my shit....u got me

i should have listened to myself before i let u in
i should have warned myself, tell me again and again
should have cautioned myself before i fell in love with u
but i just pushed myself, thats what lovers do. oooh
picking the pieces of my heart, tired of loving u in the dark
i wish i could have seen what u had planned for me
fancy clothes and fancy cars don't go that far and turn to misery
when u go don't go with ur basic instinct

and now i'm like gone

and then a constant thought, what if i....

go ahead and be just like him, go run the streets just like him
come home missing sleep like him, creep like him,
act hard with your friends when u with them like him
keep a straight face when u tell a lie....always keep an airtight alibi
(keep it hid in the dark) what he don't know wont break his heart

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