Saturday, October 8, 2011

First Friday Oct 7 2011

had a lot of fun out at the new MissConstrued Boutique for First Friday
hope to see you next time. its next to The Lost Leaf at 912 5th Street

first stop is always for food, i been fb stalking this food truck for awhile now
finally got me some lumpias to chow down on. oh yeah

while i was enjoying my foods i was checkin out this skate comp that was about to go down

the rep for matix was putting out stickers and i was happily helping myself
hahah & im a nerd so i was like hey dude check out my PANTS lol he hooked me up

u know i'm old school i got stamps in my purse so yeah that thing mailed off

ran into the homie BREZ and got a new piece, pretty dope pretty dope

next stop JOBOT the best expressoooooooooo evar!

meanwhile....back at MissConstrued Boutique...

we were getting down with the goodies ;D stop by next month!

more pics

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