Friday, April 10, 2015

you cannot awaken those who pretend to sleep

It is important to understand that every person is at the level they are supposed to be. There is no good level or bad level, inferior level or superior level, just different frequencies. The chart below is only a guideline. What ever level others are at is not for you to judge. You would be better off using your energy to gain a full understanding of your own journey. I mean yeah, good for you if you can recognize how others are vibrating, maybe you can do or say something to help them if they are stuck a cycle of abuse, if not that's okay too. Just do your best to lead by example. I think that participating in challenging activities that you enjoy (like sports) is a good way expose yourself to lower frequencies. Having a safe non-judgmental place to practice and master the lower frequencies will prepare you to maintain a higher state.

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