Monday, January 12, 2015

not me...., let me think about that...not me...
if i have to fight, i'm going to defend myself and fight for my rights
that's why i like looking like a rebel

i will always choose be a fighter.
that's why i enjoy weapons training so much.

so if the banks own the government
and the government's goal is to control the people....
they'll continue to do everything in their power to make people believe that money has value but what if we woke up tomorrow and money was worth nothing....? it's not so far fetched if you understand the system.

so when the inevitable crash happens are you going to fight to protect yourself or that corrupt backward ass backed by nothing banking system?
read this:
and besides that, we're all going to need food to survive, so food would become very valuable
and the ability to operate a firearm might mean the difference between
life and death....because the ability to hunt for food will be the only thing to prevent starvation in that type of situation....
eventually worse comes to worst and like dilated peoples said
my people come first....

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