Thursday, October 23, 2014

don't be afraid, it's only Scorpio season ♏

when i was a kid i used to tell my dad how much i wanted something he always told me to 'get a job'
so at the age of 8 i became business partners with my 10 year old brother and we ran the paper route on our street.
i used to look at the stars all the time during those cold, dark, scary early morning newspaper deliveries.
being able to see the stars and recognizing constellations was really the only thing i really enjoyed about being out there

its often uncomfortable to be consciously be aware of your inner most thoughts, opinions and beliefs, for a Scorpio that is our natural state.
the ability to authentically and honestly express those thoughts, opinions and beliefs to yourself and others takes a lot of conscious practice
feeling understood through that expression though, that is what leads to the feeling of happiness.
its hard work and that is why its so important that those thoughts, opinions and beliefs originate from your soul
that way you are comfortable within your being and your soul is nourished through the vibrations of your thoughts.

for when you encounter any story, movie, news article, or other message, use the phrases below to protect yourself & others

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