Tuesday, September 2, 2014

aloha state

o hai, i finally got to be all kawaii in Hawaii

(press play)

(lulz) and by kawaii i mean chubby....

meh, i forgive myself for the extra chub (shrug) only because i spent so many years of my life training all hard and never relaxing.
my weight has always gone up and down, i once weighed in for a fight at 98lbs and another time i weighed in at 135. so i struggled with my body until i got divorced. that was a stressful and depressing time so i got skinny but just from being really unhealthy. it was a total lifestyle change. when my emotions died down and i got my appetite back i finally gave myself permission to relax and so i'm a lil chubby, for now what-ever. i'm happy as ever and i think that eventually i'll get sick the chub making me uncomfortable and want to start building muscle again.
but i do actually like how my boobs are bigger when i'm chubby. i definately feel more womanly but that is not really normal for me, i still think of myself as a tomboy...anyway i need to reinvent a healthy new 'normal' lifestyle for myself, blah blah blah

i have to say my favorite thing about Hawaii (besides the food) is that there are flowers EVERYWHERE. i loved that. i recently read somewhere that the molecular structure of flowers is naturally more complex than other parts of plants, so plants with flowers actually vibrate at a higher frequency than say plants with just leaves. so that thought hella added to the aloha vibes i was feelin.

the beach wasn't bad either. ;D

we started off with some nice cool drinks

then the food, the food, oooh all the glorious food!

pioneer saloon plate lunch

shabu shabu


garlic tuna steak, shrimp & fries

kalbi & eggs

guava chiffon pancakes

more garlic shrimps!

some ramen

avacado BLT w/ roasted garlic & bacon salad at fresh cafe before our hike at manoa falls

fried pork chops at Sidecar Inn

i took like 250 pics, half of them are dorkfaced selfies, but whatevz, you can look at on them on facebook click here

MAHALO Hawaii! i'll love you forever!

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