Wednesday, May 14, 2014

be strong, i'll see you there

∞ “We are All part of the most Grand and Glorious ‘Positive’ Energy Shift that has ever happened on this planet. And Yes, this is why we are seeing so much ‘negative energy’ being drawn to the surface. This is the cleansing process. Think of it this way… On a physical level, when one changes their diet and eats ONLY healthy Foods, the body will start to clear out all the poisonous toxins. The First stages of Detoxification are very challenging. This is what we are ALL seeing and experiencing now in one way or another. Please KNOW, however, that it’s this Challenging Process that will Allow us to Experience a much Higher Level of BEING. Some of us have even learned to see it as a Fun and Exciting Challenge. On the other hand, some are filled with fear and anxiety. Whoever you are, whatever your life experience has been, whatever you may be Feeling, KNOW that you have the ability to Shift into an Amazing, Positive, Powerful, Awesome, Exciting, Beautiful, Joyful, Love Filled New Reality. Feel it. Believe it. Know it. Let’s not allow the doubts and fears of others to prevent us from experiencing this Positive Shift. I’ll see you there”
-author Eric Allen

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