Saturday, September 14, 2013

why is nature still illegal?

from the fb page Lastrealindians We're going to repost this because many do not understand that Industrial Hemp is not Cannabis. you can smoke hemp all day and you will not "get high"; if you smoke cannabis you will undergo certain psychological/physiological effects that may "get one high." Cannabis also has certain medical benefits with respect to cancer an glaucoma for instance. Hemp is the crop all of our Tribal Governments should be willing to go to jail in order to grow it and provide our homeland with a real sustainable, regenerative economy (the world needs to). LRI says nothing about and does not judge the ceremonial, medicinal, cultural or other use of any mind altering natural plant substance, that is not our place as 2leggeds to do that. The post is meant to empower our leaders to grow hemp as a way to defeat poverty, to provide our own food, clothing, shelter, energy, etc <~ all that is possible with industrial hemp. Hemp is the new Buffalo. We do not want our kids "getting high" ; we want to strengthen ourselves by all means.

another problem reservations face is nuclear contamination from testing and nuclear waste accidents, in 1979 the worst ever accident happened....ugh it makes me sick.... from wikipedia

The Church Rock uranium mill spill occurred in New Mexico on July 16, 1979 when United Nuclear Corporation's Church Rock uranium mill tailings disposal pond breached its dam.[1][2] Over 1,000 tons of solid radioactive mill waste and 93 millions of gallons of acidic, radioactive tailings solution flowed into the Puerco River, and contaminants traveled 80 miles (130 km) downstream to Navajo County, Arizona and onto the Navajo Nation.[2] The mill was located on privately owned land approximately 17 miles north of Gallup, New Mexico and bordered to the north and southwest by Navajo Nation Tribal Trust lands.[3] Local residents, who were mostly Navajos, used the Puerco River for irrigation and livestock and were not immediately aware of the toxic danger.[2] The accident released more radiation than the Three Mile Island accident that occurred four months earlier and was the largest release of radioactive material in U.S. history.[2][4][5][6] Groundwater near the spill was contaminated and the Puerco rendered unusable by local residents. The governor of New Mexico refused the Navajo Nation's request that the site be declared a federal disaster area, limiting aid to affected residents.[7] The event received less media coverage than that of Three Mile Island, likely because it occurred in a lightly populated, rural area.[8] Some scholars suggest there were elements of class and racism to the neglect as well, since it affected primarily poor Native Americans.[5] In 2003 the Churchrock Chapter of the Navajo Nation began the Church Rock Uranium Monitoring Project to assess environmental impacts of abandoned uranium mines; it found significant radiation from both natural and mining sources in the area

removing the radiation and healing the land should be a priority, but nobody wants to talk about this problem it seems. but if there is even a chance that hemp could remove radiation from the soil, why not try?

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