Sunday, November 6, 2011

Red Mountain Eagle Pow Wow is a wrap

wow, what a great weekend.

thank you salt river for showing us mad love.
really enjoyed the event and seeing all the faces of the community
it makes me really happy when someone comes by and says "cool"
my heart feels lighter seeing kids run around just happy to be in the moment
grand entry today was super awesome. i know ur not really supposed to take video but these kids were just too awesome and out there killing it

we scored some awesome peyote stitched bracelets from AZ TSoul love em!

lol our booth was just in the the most akward spot in the middle of everything
hahah it was so funny, but totally our style. so we were loving it hahaha
and cracking up the whole time

i like when we are setting up how the announcer just will talk about all kinds of stuff, i appreciate it. i like to listen, he will say some really good stuff about life. gives people something to think about. and then it brings about this amazing charismatic energy that builds up all day and by night fall its just awesome and totally intense. i love it.
it was also great to see friends, vibe out, feel the goodness & be in the moment
something to do more often. definitely. grateful for my u guys!

more pics on facebook. click here


  1. I love your blog as you explore new things at new places every time. You look great in these photographs. The video is clear. I can see you guys enjoyed a lot. I also like the stitched bracelet. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
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  2. its my pleasure thanks for the support!