Monday, May 2, 2011

had a blast in ALBQ

so grateful to have had such an amazing expierence at gathering 2011

dispite a few minor setbacks
we made THE BEST out of this trip
& we will be back next year!
it was alot alot alot of fun
check out the pics on facebook
the pictures tell the story
i hustled, had mad fun, bartered hard & got mad swag

and then finally got me my new phone i been wanting since FOREVER
SK4G Android so tired but SO happy!

lol just tore up from the floor up!
i'm resting up the rest of the week.
was late for work this morning for the first time ever
i mean i've been like 1 or 2 mins late but today
i was a whopping 45 mins late.
big time pow wow hangover♥

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