Sunday, April 10, 2011

sticker phiends 4 & sunday funday

on friday i went to check out sticker phiends 4

i like stickers. i love to collect em,
we got a good collection going on our fridge & meter box
it was going down at cartel coffee lab in tempe

it was pretty packed up in there

i really just wanted to throw down some g jewelry sticker cards

mission accomplished.

this was my favorite sticker of the night (by obey):

ladies should be leaders. we are strong in our own unique ways.
show the girls & boys how to act right.
be a good example let your light shine bright.

brez was outside getting down outside on this dodge dakota. it was dope

more pics on facebook

& then today Sunday Funday - we went to go check out this afternoon shindig at acme scottsdale

the whole rhyme & reason fam was chillin up in the spot
mattlocks was killin it on the tables

while dominos and uno ensued

lol 2 hour game of uno after dark. good times.

Acme Bar & Grill in downtown Scottsdale. You can catch DJ's Madd Rich, Matt Locks and Ernie Djec doing it from 3pm-8pm every Sunday. Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul, Reggae. Check it out some time if you feel like chillin'. It's FREE. They got food and a $2 you call it drink special. What more can u ask for.

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