Sunday, February 27, 2011

weekend recap

woo was a great weekend. many good times were had.

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friday jewelry party at hotel congress

thanks to everyone for coming thru ;D

my awesome homegirls took me to this new spot Mr. Head's
check em out on facebook

so sweet the bar doubles as a jewelry display
there are all kinds of jewelry & crafts for sale

we talked with the owner, pretty cool guy,
i had to give him some props on the bar
best idea ever!

i left 22 pairs of earrings with my girl pipa

shes going to take them over there monday

these earrings will go for the special price of $10ea.
i love tucson. glad to make g jewelry available for the lovely tucson ladies that want get up on the freshness.

back at ill styles - vaudeville - downtown tucson

always a good time.
element was dropping mad hiphop for the heads.
breakin' necks up in there.

yo check out the homie phen's new stuido equipment, it's so cool

hahah ima geek. crack myself up.

i appriciated the cloud cover on the drive home,
the arizona sun can be so blazing bright it killz u
we made it back to check out the 4th Annual Unity Benefit
home sweet home Salt River

the homie brez helps put it on every year

this year was another GREAT show
so glad to be a part of it.

element dropped an amazing set that set the mood right,
everyone was having a good time,
just chillin',
being entertained by all these great entertainers

humbled by all love at the g jewelry booth,
i love being part of this community

again, thank you again everyone for all the continious love and support.
feeling connecteted to mankind and mother earth. love love love.

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