Sunday, November 21, 2010

a really awesome weekend, so thankful for all the support.
had a great time at both events.

check the photographs:
pow wow pics
fsc anniversary pics

you know what i like, to live life like it was on t.v.

in other words we have to make it interesting for ourselves,
be your own producer, choose your own adventure.
brainstorm, plan it out, get your crew together & make it happen.
the more you put into it the more you get out of it
i'm all about getting organized, putting in the time and prep
to be able to set it off with the presentation
and then the flip side.....
don't do stuff that you wouldn't want to see yourself doing,
like acting really dumb & cheap just to get attention
or to satisfy the ego in the moment....
acting inappropriate is the easiest way to get attention,
don't be lame. there is a time and place for everything.
all that ridiculous inappropriateness IS entertaining to watch.
unfortunately most people never learn until something really messed up happens.

if you want attention, work hard, be prepared,
perform well when the time is right.
you will get attention if your presentation is on point.
and then you will get what you were really after, respect.
do people really think they look cool acting all trashy for attention?
u can't have self respect if you're always trying to please ur ego.
some people don't care i guess. just preoccupied with how they'd like to feel.
i'm just highly conscious of my conscience
i have to live right, but that's just me.
plus if others forget to act with integrity,
i forget to take anything they say or do seriously.
so yeah, that's just me.
keep moving forward, i love life. steady giving thanks.
i got high hopes for thanksgiving this year. must manifest!

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